516 Business Solutions is proud to partner with the Inspiration Sports Business Institute (ISBI 360°) to bring a first to market, comprehensive online customer service training program exclusively for the sports industry based on the two decades worth of experience of customer service expert, Debbie Knowlan.

“I know first-hand what it’s like trying to fit in live training…it was always hard for me to ‘close down’ operations for a few days and that is why we partnered with ISBI 360°, so that we can help solve that age-old question of when is the right time for us to hold training?  The answer...anytime from anywhere!” said Knowlan.

The most profitable, well-known companies are now using e-learning to train their most valuable assets – their employees. Not only does online training fit right into everyone’s schedule, it incorporates all the tools the next workforce generation has grown accustomed to using in their daily lives. Consistent skills training drives better performance and saves substantial money by reducing the high cost of employee turnover. A recent report by IBM revealed that companies who use e-learning tools can boost productivity by up to 50%, and for every $1 a company spends, it can receive $30 worth of productivity.  

ISBI 360°’s expert customer service certification program, Listen | Respond | Go Beyond: The Playbook on Winning at Service, is now available for all teams across seven professional sports leagues in the ISBI 360° network and for your organization as well. 

So, if you find yourself thinking every year, “I don’t have time for training?” or “Wow, it has been years since we had training”, or maybe you have never formally trained your staff on the best practices of customer service – contact us for a highly impactful solution for your training needs.

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