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5 Essential Skills I Learned While Working At The Ritz-Carlton Under Horst Shultze

These top 5 skills, or mindsets not only changed the way I thought about customer service, but also shaped my leadership knowledge and understanding of how a business can thrive and be on the top of their game while being the benchmark in their industry.

They have been at the core of how I improved the customer experience and were the backbone of everything I did while working with the NBA, MLS and they helped me build three successful departments within the NFL.

Let’s cut to the are the 5 things that you can work on right away. If you start to change your mindset and implement these aspects, I guarantee that you will be a successful leader and it will help you grow your business.

[if !supportLists]1. Opportunities: There are never customer problems, there are only opportunities to learn from the customer and improve the overall experience

[if !supportLists]2. Do what’s right for the customer: If a customer asks for something, move heaven and earth to give it to them. Perfect example- in the 5 star Dining Room, if a guest asked for an omelet for make them one even though it isn’t on the menu! Why? Because the kitchen has eggs doesn’t it?

[if !supportLists]3. Listen: Listen to your customers, actually listen. Did they mention a favorite drink, a dessert, or maybe a favorite spot they like in town? Personalize the experience.

[if !supportLists]4. Listen: Listen to your customers, actually this isn’t a typo. Do you send surveys out to your customers? What do you do with the information? Do you listen and put an improvement plan in place to create a more improved experience?

[if !supportLists]5. Be innovative: It doesn’t matter what your title is or the department you work in, it is every employee’s responsibility to take care of the customer and look for new ways to approach your business's products and services. #innovateyourservicemindset


Mindset Change and Customer Focused: Attention to detail both for your external customers as well as your internal customers. If you don’t treat your employees great, how can you expect them to treat and take care of the customer exceptionally?

A great employee experience leads to a

great customer experience.

I know firsthand that it is extremely hard to step into a role with a company that doesn’t think of the customer first in every decision and operational process that is developed. So it is important that YOU be the change, and fight hard for the customer and success of your business.

To this day, I fight for the customer, they aren’t always right; however, you can’t afford not to take care of them, listen, and find ways to continuously improve your business operation and focus!

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