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Customer Service and CRM: Why it’s important to record your interactions with customers.

Customers demand more from companies than ever before. They also are looking to be cared for in a personalized way. When a company delivers personalized service, customers feel valued by the relationship that is formed, and that ultimately builds loyalty. The roadmap to understanding and delivering personalized service is to record details that are learned during customer interactions. Recording these interaction enables a company to later act upon those nuggets of information in a thoughtful and meaningful manner. This is why it is so important for service departments to understand CRM processes, so that they are utilizing the technology to assist them and the company in improving the customer experience.

5 Areas to Think Through Before You Start Your

Customer Service Data Strategy

  1. The Why: Why are you collecting the information?

  2. The How: How will the information be used?

  3. Improvement: Will the information collected improve the customer experience?

  4. Data Collection: Is the process of collecting data easy for employees to input and understand?

  5. Training: Are employees trained on CRM, and do they understand the importance of accurate data and how it benefits the work they do on a daily basis?

Deciding what the priorities are when collecting data or information on customers is critical. You can easily get into data overload, so start out with a strong foundation, and start with data that can be acted upon to improve the customer’s experience as the first step. Think of data collecting in phases since it will take time to build. You will have good actionable data and it can continue to grow in phases once you have a solid foundation.

Most CRM implementations fail because of unrealistic expectations in the beginning, poor training and garage data being entered or brought into the CRM system that is unusable - you have heard the saying, “Garbage in, Garbage Out!”

Don’t overlook the importance of a well thought out training program and reenforcing the process of data collection throughout the year. Employees need to feel a part of the process so they take ownership in the data and improving the customer experience.

TRAINING TIP: ask for feedback from employees, and continually improve processes and reporting to help employees work smarter, not them the changes and benefits of their ideas, feedback and work!

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