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Know Your Expiration Date

Since serving on the Board for WISE (Women in Sports and Events) for about 3 years, I've had more and more conversations with women regarding their career and feeling stuck or not knowing what the next steps would be to take in their career.

The one phrase I have been saying a lot in my conversations lately is one I personally used since I started my career – “Know Your Expiration Date” - meaning always be willing to have the tough conversation with yourself about what you want in your career, in life and if your current company can support your goals.

I believe that you should always do a self-assessment as to where you want your career to be headed, and what are the priorities in your life. For women especially, these priorities shift throughout someone’s life due to career goals, family and/or children obligations.

Sometimes, the reality of your situation at your current company may not always support your goals; meaning the position or opportunities may not be available for you. If you are a person that is always looking to be challenged or to hold a higher position, then you may have to look outside your current company for these opportunities.

Knowing your expiration date isn’t a negative conversation, it is putting yourself first and never allowing someone or a company to dictate what your career path will be. Evaluating your personal and professional priorities are essential to being challenged, happy and passionate in what you do on a daily basis.

4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every 2-3 Years:

  1. Am I happy where I am in my career?

  2. Have I had an honest conversation with my boss about my career expectations – what I would like to take on, title I wish to have, salary goals, as well as what are the steps to take to accomplish my goals?

  3. Does my current company truly have the opportunities available to move me forward in my career? They may give you actionable steps on how to start to achieve your goals, but that doesn’t guarantee you that you will get the desired outcome. Which brings us to the final question...

  4. How long am I willing to wait in my current position/role in order to achieve my goals with my current company?

The worst thing you can do is sit around waiting for something to change, or someone to come and give you your dream position, title, or salary. This happens too many times. People feel stuck, and become unmotivated, not willing to work with co-workers, making the work environment negative for others, and they have lost their passion…don’t let that be you! Don’t let the fear of doing something different or change stop you from reaching your dreams and goals!

You are in control, and sit in the driver seat. It is up to YOU to make your goals come to life!

You can achieve anything when you have a positive attitude, are willing to make tough decisions and face your fears.

Be Passionate. Be Persistent. Be Your Own Champion!

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