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Bigger Than Basketball

It was 2003, I was the Director of Season Ticket Services & Retention, and we were getting ready for our big draft day event. The excitement filled AmericanAirlines Arena as season ticket members heard we had just drafted Dwyane Wade. There was a glimmer of hope brought back to our basketball dreams that day in Miami. Not even in our wildest imaginations did we think we had just embarked on a journey toward winning the franchise’s first NBA Championship title. Fast forward to 2019, Dwyane Wade played his last game in the NBA, but what he did after that can teach us a lot about the person and leader he truly is. A few days ago, he spent hours signing autographs and taking photos with the HEAT

Innovate Your Service Mindset

Over the years, I have been fortunate to build many departments from the ground up and implement new processes and procedures that were always focused on the customer experience. Service has definitely changed over the past few decades, but I was always willing to learn, change, innovate and continuously improve to ensure the best possible customer experience was created. The basic principles and foundation of ensuring a consistent customer experience was learned while I was working at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. It was the launching pad for my career, and what I applied to every position held after. Consistent customer service is the only way to deliver an exceptional customer experienc

Making Customer Service A Priority…5 Tips To Get You Started.

We all have read the countless studies that state retaining a customer is far less expensive than acquiring a new one, so shouldn't a company's focus be on improving customer service and their overall experience? YES! It's even more important today, because customer's expectations are very different from 10-15 years ago -how they shop, look-up and write reviews, engage with companies on social media, to what they expect and how quickly they require a response to issues and feedback. So, the question is…do you spend as much time developing your service strategy and culture as you do on your sales strategy? As service providers - and we are all in the service business - your service level need

Know Your Expiration Date

Since serving on the Board for WISE (Women in Sports and Events) for about 3 years, I've had more and more conversations with women regarding their career and feeling stuck or not knowing what the next steps would be to take in their career. The one phrase I have been saying a lot in my conversations lately is one I personally used since I started my career – “Know Your Expiration Date” - meaning always be willing to have the tough conversation with yourself about what you want in your career, in life and if your current company can support your goals. I believe that you should always do a self-assessment as to where you want your career to be headed, and what are the priorities in your life

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